Metro Parking Launches Service Excellence Programme

To better serve customers and continue providing a great parking experience to motorist, Metro Parking successfully launched a Service Excellence Programme in May 2005.

To date, Metro Parking has received 1 EXSA Star Award, 5 EXSA Gold Awards and 13 EXSA Silver Awards. 

Based on international research and the best practices of world-class companies, the Service Excellence Programme will


·         Review the entire customer service value chain;

·         Develop specific customer service blueprints that stipulate service excellence standards;

Train all staff including managers on the fundamentals of service excellence;

·         Transfer classroom learning into the workplace by providing systematic follow-up through structured on-the-job training conducted by immediate supervisors; and

Establish a follow-up Service Excellence Monitoring System

Conducted over a period of 12 months, the Service Excellence Programme will provide the foundation for the company to scale new heights in customer service and enhance market differentiation. It will revisit the basics of serving customers. Emphasizing both hardware and heart-ware, the Programme will seek to strengthen the ‘Metro way’ of delighting customers in providing a great experience.

Service Excellence for Metro Parking is a marathon without a finishing line. It will challenge Metro Parking to do better than the best offered by the market and create the future for our company and our people.

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